Jamison is available to bring his instrumental voice to your newest project. He can come to your studio, or do an E Session from his studio. 

Here are the instruments that he can provide:

Pedal Steel Guitar
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Dobro/Slide Guitar

Jamison played pedal steel on Dent May's "A Little Bit Goes A Long Way."

Jamison helped produce and played keys, guitars, synths and violins on this track. 

Here is a track by "The Cradlebirds" that  Jamison played pedal steel on. 

Jamison played bass and electric guitar on this track sung by Faith Evans and Fonzworth Bentley.  

Jamison produced Utkarsh Ambudkar's new EP "Bang Bang." He played the majority of the instrumentation including ukulele, guitars, synths, bass and percussion.